UFAQ Ehsan is a 1996 graduate of Fine Arts from National College Of Arts LAHORE PAKISTAN.She is also a member of Artist Association of Punjab.
She has been working as a professional artist and art teacher for the past 20 years.She has been experimenting a lot with different mediums and surfaces and effect of colors on human physce . Colors have been used since the earliest days of our history as a curative to heal the mind body and soul . Her work is very symbolic.As the language of symbols is a threshold between the physical and metaphysical,so through these she tries to explore the spiritual message of her biggest inspiration the Sufi Literature .The colors and symbols in her work are used in such a manner as to create a piece of art pleasing to the eye and mind and beautiful to a degree that it obeys the cosmic order and therefore reflects universal beauty.

Painting Workshops

Falah Foundation (2015)

Conducted Workshop at Falah Foundation for differently able children for Draw Disability – a global campaign launched by the United Nations Secretary-General’s Global Education First Initiative (GEFI), in partnership with the Global Observatory for Inclusion (GLOBI) and the United Nations Global Education First Initiative Youth Advocacy Group (GEFI-YAG)

2010 “Aman Ka Rasta Art Workshop”
Conducted a Painting WorkShop at NOMAD Art Gallery Islambad for children from community –based schools to create an awareness on peace and tolerance through creative expression.The workshop was organized by NOMAD Art Gallery and UNIFEM(United Nation Development Fund for Women.

Work Experience as Art Teacher

2002 -2003 Art Teacher
Psychiatry Department Ganga Ram Hosipital: Lahore Pakistan
As her quest to understand colors and symbols matured she also started giving art classes/lessons to special people.She worked as an art teacher at the Psychiatry department Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore in the year 2003 under the direct supervision of the head of the Psychiatry department late Mr Haroon Rasheed Chaudry.

2001 Art Teacher
(ASIA) American School of International Academics Lahore Pakistan.
She also taught as art teacher to differently abled children in ASIA( American School of International Academics).

1999 Art Teacher (Image Institute) Lahore Pakistan.
1999, she designed and supervised art classes for differently abled children, Image Institute of Education. She also made murals within the institution as a part of rehablitation of the special children.

1997 Honorary Art Consultant Fountain House Lahore Pakistan.
1997, she served as honorary art consultant Fountain House Lahore a rehabilitation institute for special patients . She supervised drawing workshops for special people at fountain house.

Administrative Experience

As an undergraduate in National College of Arts and as an artist she has work experience in supervising student teams from NCA to participate in different cultural festivals held in Lahore

1995 Flora Festival
The first ever festival held in the history of modern Lahore to welcome and celebrate spring.She supervised a team of 100 students of NCA to paint the “Liberty Round About” with floral patterns. Two massive gates were also made as an entrance to this festival organized by the District Administration Lahore and the Punjab Government .This was done on volunteer basis..

1991-1994 “International Puppet Festival”
She worked as member of administrative team of International Puppet Festival Organized by Rafi Peer Theater Group. Puppeteers from all the world participate in this Festival held after every two years for 10 days in Lahore.

1994 “Freedom Festival 94”
She administered a team of 200 children and NCA team who worked voluntarily and participated in the first ever Canal Mela and city parade held in Lahore. 38 decorative boats, muppets decorative Tongas (horse buggies) floats were some of the main attractions. The festival was organized by District Administration Lahore and Punjab Government.

1994 Founder student Club (IMPACT) Important Act: NCA
Established a student organization IMPACT in NCA for community service with the idea of contribution of art students in lives of people of all walks of life.

1994 Mural making: Hawa Craft Center
Supervised the Volunteer IMPACT team for mural making at Hawa Craft Center (NGO) for social uplifting of women).

1994 Flower Festival (NCA)
A flower festival under her supervision was held in NCA with cooperation and assistance of Lahore Horticulture Society and Jinnah Garden Nursery Lahore.

1994 College Decoration: NCA Convocation 1994
Supervised the decoration of College on occasion of convocation 94 NCA.

1993 “All Pakistan Young Performers Festival”
She was incharge of IMPACT team organizing muppet performance in “All Pakistan Young Performers Festival.” Child performers from all over Pakistan participated in this cultural show.

1993 Tree Plantation Festival
She supervised the team of Muppet show organized by the IMPACT team on the theme of Air Pollution and Importance of trees .The Festival was organized by District Administration Lahore and Punjab Government.

Volunteer Social Work Projects

as a volunteer artist she made a contribution through some social-work projects

2003 “Floral Panels Fountain House, Lahore”
She was commissioned to make Floral Panels which were displayed in Fountain House Lahore. As part of rehabilitation of Special patients through Art Work.

2003 “Panels: Ganga Ram Psychiatry Department”
She was commissioned to make panels to be displayed in the wards of Psychiatry Department Ganga Ram Hospital as part of rehabilitation of special patients through Art Classes.

1993-2003 Executive Member FIND
Active participant in community education program for as an executive member of FIND NGO. (Families in distress)

1999-2003 “Executive Member PEACE”
Active participant in community education program for Drug addiction as an executive member of PEACE NGO (Project for Environmental Protection, Anti Narcotics and Community Education

1999 Murals (Image Institute of Education) Lahore Pakistan.
Colors play a very important role on human psyche. Murals made by Ufaq were a part of rehablitation of special children at Image Institution
Research Projects

1998 Research Incharge”Slide Management Program”National College Of Arts, Lahore Pakistan.
This research was designed to develop “Slide Management Program For preservation,documentation and computerization of the slide collection of Architecture,Design and Fine Arts in NCA Archives as part of faculty of NCA


2004 Book Illustration “Aksa Hayat”
Book written by Doctor Haroon Rasheed on life and different issues social and spiritual.
2003 Book Illustration “Annual Epilepsy Day”
Made for the book let on Epilepsy and related problems.
1999 Banners Eid Celebrations
District Administration sponsored these Banners to be displayed in major locations of Lahore on occasion of Eid celebrations.
1995 Thesis Topic
Her thesis was titled “Scattered Dreams of Happiness”. Inspired by flowers and how they are part of both our happiness and sorrows.
1994 Participated in Singing Concerts held in NCA
1994 Participant of Youth show conducted by Jung News on “Youth and their problems”
1994 Participant in Mushaira organized by Jung News.
1994 Instillations
Instillation one of the most expressive form of Art work. She made instillations on women abuse and claustrophobia.
1994 Mask making (Ajoka Theater)
Supervised the team responsible for the designing and making of mask for an Ajoka theater production.
1993 Performance
She directed a performance based on arranged marriages and fate of childless women in the Pakistani society as part of college portfolio.
1992 Participated in Charity week organized in Kinnaird College Lahore Pakistan as a student.
1990-1992 Participated in various flower decoration competitions held at Alhamra art Gallery Lahore Pakistan.


2016 Calligraphy group show at Ejaz Art Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.
2016 Solo exhibition at Saeed Akhtar Studio, Lahore, Pakistan.
2014 Group Show, “Essence of the rainbow”, Nomad Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan.
2013 Solo Exhibition, Alliance Francaise de Lahore and the Annemarie-Schimmel Haus associated with the Goethe-Institut, Lahore, Pakistan.
2013 Group Show, Nomad Art Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan.
2013 Group Show, Launching Ceremony of Expressions Art Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.
2013 Solo Exhibiton, Color Art Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan.
2012 Participant Group Show, Art-Aviso Creativity Re-visited 66 artists from Pakistan, Hamail Art Gallery, Dubai.
2011 Participant Group Show on 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, Nomad Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan.
2010 Participant Group Show on Gender Violence,organized by UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund For Women) and NOMAD Gallery, Islamabad Pakistan.
2010 Paticipant Group show NOMAD Gallery, Islamabad Pakistan.
2009 Participant Group Show 23rd Annual Exhibition of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Artist Association of Punjab, Alhamra Art Gallery, Lahore Pakistan.
2008 Participant Group Show 22nd Annual Exhibition of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Artist Association of Punjab, Alhamra Art Gallery, Lahore Pakistan.
2007 Exhibition of The Alumni Association, National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore Pakistan.
2007 Participant Group Show 70 Women Artists from SAARC Countries, Hamail Art Gallery, Lahore Pakistan.
2007 Participant Group Show 21st Annual National Exhibition, Artists Association of Punjab, Alhamra Art Galley, Lahore Pakistan.
2006 Participant Group Show Hamil Art Gallery Lahore.
2006 8th National Show Artist Association of Punjab Lahore
2005 7th National Show Artist Association of Punjab Lahore
2004 “Existence” Group Show Ejaz Art Gallery Lahore
2004 Participant Group Show Hamil Art Gallery Lahore
2003 Solo Exhibition Ejaz Gallery Lahore
1999 Participant group show. Ejaz Gallery Lahore
1999 Participant in “Scope 99” a faculty art exhibition NCA Lahore
1994 Supervised Instillations made by group of NCA artist for National Women’s exhibition “Women Escape” organized by ASR resource Center at Alhamra Art Council Lahore
1991-1994 Participated in numerous exhibition of Punjab Young Artist Association Lahore
1993 Participated in group show Xhinua Art Gallery, Lahore

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