Documentary on ‘Working Women; Culture and Taboos’

Documentary on ‘Working Women; Culture and Taboos’

Review of my latest ongoing group show exhibition on BUSINESS RECORDER

The Nomad Art Gallery on Wednesday screened a documentary on “Working Women; Culture and Taboos” and launched a calendar for year 2012 to mark 16 days of Activism on Violence Against Women. The 50-minute documentary was directed by Nageen Hyat with a prime focus on professional life of women, hurdles in their way and their achievements which are influenced by cultural values and taboos of the society.

Renowned artists like Ahmed Habib and Sarwat Mohiyuddin recited the poetry to highlight human rights and gender violence. The poetry recital by artists focussed the agony of women in issues of violence against them and called for an end to gender violence through soft expressions of art. The 16-day art activities that started on November 25 will conclude on December 10 with a fundraiser crafts Mela and live performance by well-known artists for supporting women rights.

Meanwhile, an exhibition of paintings by 20 established and amateur artists is also continued at the gallery till December 10 featuring “Peace in the home and peace in the world”. The collection of paintings portrays various messages through soft expressions of art, masterly skills and symbolism.

Artists including Humera, Sumera Jawad, Abbas Shah, Zia Zaidi, Tabassum Rizvi, Arjumand Awan, Nasreen Aurongzeb, Riffat Khattak, Mubashir Iqbal, N.H Kazmi, Ufaq Ehsan, Nsir Malik, Salma Manzoor, Asad ur Rehman, Zaira Zaka, Nadeem Ahmed, Samreen Asif and Anjum Ayub have captured the sufferings and issues of women in their work. A large `Mural’ was displayed during the show portraying messages through symbols and texts by artists and common people on a single canvas that will be open for comment/art work till December 10 (Human Rights Day).


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