Inspirational Art Club

A structured arts program for children and youngsters.
It is a well considered arts program to assist the childrens intellectual and aesthetic development while also providing a means for visual communication and expression.These artistic experiences are to feed the imagination of the child as personal encounters in which they are encouraged to think and act independently.It is a custom made art program for every student depending largly on their aptitude and preferences .

Such experiences enhance the self image and self esteem of the student through their own creations.It gives a freedom to the child to express his opinions ,experiences and ideas in a creative manner .Its an outlet for the childs freedom of expression, feelings and emotions in a positive and healthy manner.

Students Paintings

The course includes:

  • introduction to different mediums used in drawing and painting.
  • understanding the use of colors and composition.
  • revival of folk art pottery painting and clay toys.
  • to explore the elements of design.
  • individual discussion on the symbolic and emotional interpretation of the childs creation.

the classes are twice a week for 2 hours.the students art portfolio,pictures during work and assessment report of the childs creativity is handed over at the end of the classes.

Students at Work

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